Here's What

I don’t color within the lines.  It’s not out of defiance.  I just can’t seem to stay inside boundaries very well.  Boundaries are helpful, but I generally use large gestures – and sometimes the lines are in the wrong place.

So everything I do is a little sloppy, a little jagged … but ultimately, it’s about dogs.  Or gods.  Is there a difference?  I mean that with all due respect to gods and dogs alike.  Both are divinity – one is incarnate and the other is imagined.  Either way, life is better trying to make them happy. So expect what you see here to be about divinity.  You may have to stretch your understanding of it, but that’s the role of art – to get you to stretch a little to see something divine.

Approach it with a smile, whatever you do. 

House of Cards
Searching For a Bird
City By the Sea


Shale Purse