Oil Cans

The cans represent artificial aesthetics as they fade; the enameled images represent beauty - both as a 'permanent' quality and as a quality often masked by an outer shell. That shell could be physical/ artificial cover-up,  or it could be personality/ artificial airs that obscure the true person; either consciously or unconsciously as a result of harsh & synthetic cultural stimuli. 

 Beauty cannot change from day to day, but it is  finite.  The cans will last about as long as the physical presence of the (real, living) subject in the images. (~80-90 years)  The enameled images will last longer as romanticized, constructed memories - a generation or two longer than the real subject - as beauty that you can observe but may have never experienced in person during the subject's lifetime.

I Know, But ...

Concrete-covered wood furniture, book, glasses, shoes.

We know that ideas are more important than objects.  But we cling to traditions and romanticize nostalgia.  Perhaps because objects are permanent/tangible and ideas are transient/abstract.  We know the difference.  We know how we should live.  But we choose not to live that way.

House of Cards

Concrete, Iron and Glass

RU Robot

This is 'Evolved Robot.'  Its only function is to admire itself.  This is where our culture is leading us - to be devoid of any original thought and to focus on our own outward appearance (physical or metaphysical.)

I Know You Are, But What Am I?

You are not words. You are not what anyone else thinks you are. You do not have to be like anyone else.

You are -

not cute, not friendly, not elegant, not clever, not beautiful, not thoughtless, not kind, not weak, not smart, not funny, not frustrating, not charming, not my friend, not dumb, not ugly, not named, not cunning, not thrilling, not boring, not athletic, not good, not talented, not interesting, not deadly, not dumb, not helpful, not annoying, not enormous, not sinful, not nice, not cool, not lovable, not your brother’s keeper, not mean, not gorgeous, not my enemy, not superior, not a girl, not an artist, not pretty, not manly, not stylish, not ridiculous, not fucked, not sorry, not nervous, not confident, not evil, not shaky, not shell-shocked, not lethargic, not uncouth, not shallow, not vapid, not affectionate, not charismatic, not devious, not talkative, not dependable, not an introvert, not industrious, not  tough, not tidy, not sincere, not shy, not modest, not placid, not neat, not useful, not goofy, not spoiled, not believable, not wonderful.

You are not me.

I love you.

Door Stop

Searching for a Bird

It's right there. Look the other way.

Glass Hanging Sculpture


library cards in entymology case.

enameled copper, mixed media.