Sometimes it's about the scene ...

Sometimes it's about the shapes...

Sometimes it's about the stories ...

These two were taken in Berlin (swing) and Munich (train station) but a couple years apart. It struck me how the colors and tone are similar.

The picture of the beach chair was taken in Gulfport, MS after Hurricane Katrina. The picture of the people on the beach was taken same day, same beach. The picture of the leaning tree and hydrant was also taken in Gulfport after Katrina, during a very early and very still morning sunrise .

Obligatory artsy black & white photo. This was taken on a bridge where the setting sun cast negative shadows that are reminiscent of a woman's figure. It's called "Too Late" partially because of the position of the evening sun, and partially (more) because of the final line in Albert Camus' The Fall - a reference to a woman who jumped/fell/was pushed off a bridge.

Lines & Shapes, baby. Shapes & Lines. We shot the silver - but just the tines. We made believe that these were dangerous times. We were fine.

(haha, pretend Hold Steady lyrics.)

I'm not typically a B&W purist snob - But the lack of color does tend to create a more striking image, when the image is stark. These are a few of my favorites.